If you’re looking for a quick clip on what The Year Without A Purchase is all about, check out our friend Lindsay Ferrier’s video.  When she heard about our challenge, she asked if she could bring her crew in to do a short story.  Initially, we were nervous about the cameras.  Especially when she told us she would be interviewing us separately.  You see, Gabby and I share one brain and can hardly form a single, coherent thought without the other one there to edit and shape it.  This anxiety is evidenced by the beads of sweat on my upper lip.

But we think she did an awesome job!  Thanks, Lindsay!

YWAP - video2

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  3. Danna

    I love this video but even more the thinking that has motivate this nice family
    to devaluate STUFF and re-valuate relationships!

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  8. I had to share with my friends on Facebook. This is such an awesome way to show that God comes frist, others come second. Thanks for being obedient and thanks for sharing!

    An 18 year old girl who desires the same “Walk by Faith” life you and your wife are living out.

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  11. naomitrenier

    This is great to see, anything that helps combat materialism has got to be a good thing! Can I comment on two things that my cynical eye picked up? It feels a bit cheeky to be in that beautiful kitchen talking about identifying with the plight of Guatemalans, and two it feels like cheating to take generous gifts from friends when I’m sure the Guatemalans don’t have rich neighbours with toasters and suitcases.
    Would you ever do it again but eliminate those things: don’t just abstain from buying unnecessary things, but also abstain from accepting gifts that are unnecessary. Eg lots of people in the world use a plastic supermarket bag as a suitcase because they can’t afford one!
    And in terms of the house, could you rent your own out for a year and live in a very poor area/house instead?
    These are just thoughts to make it even more impactful, so please don’t take it as a criticism. I’ve certainly never gone a year without buying a single unnecessary item so you’re already a better human being than I am!

    • Good eye, Naomi! You’re absolutely on the money! (pun intended) and have every right to feel some cynicism. We certainly didn’t take the challenge nearly as far as we could have. In fact, a home renovation project was one of the things that brought us back to reality. Eight years removed from our missionary experience and we were acting as if we were allergic to old linoleum flooring. Pathetic! As for the gifts, we also realize people could have given to other causes. But one of our main goals for the year was to get away from spending so much time with stuff and worrying about stuff that it distracted us from connecting with others. So, we allowed the cheat of accepting gifts as evidence that community was still alive and well. It struck up some great conversations, and allowed us to connect with people on a deeper level than we may have before. But you’re right, not accepting gifts would have been a bigger challenge. Especially for our kids. Thanks for reading!

      • naomitrenier

        Haha great line about the linoleum! Also you’ve answered exactly how I’d hoped you would about the accepting of gifts – the value of community. Ding ding ding! Suddenly you’ve pulled it into a whole different spectrum which actually is bigger than ‘let’s try an experiment to fix our spending’. In my insignificant opinion one of the major problems of our modern society is that we are little kingdoms, in our own houses and own families, and have forgotten how to be communities. Poverty could be eradicated if we stopped building our individual kingdoms and started noticing, caring, and giving to each other. As they say, there’s enough wealth in the world for everyone, it’s just hoarded by a few. I heard about a little group here in London who are trying to set up a website where people on a residential street or area, will sign up things they are willing to lend out, e.g. a lawnmower on Saturday afternoons, such a simple but beautiful idea! I wonder what would happen if it went global….
        Keep doing what you’re doing!

  12. Great point, Naomi! We have some friends who have created a cooperative in Chicago. They live together in a large house and share everything. Such an amazing ministry they are doing with their lives (and so much better at community than our family is… but one can keep striving) Check ’em out! Peace!

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  16. Lydia sherwood

    While I was praying on 11.23.2013 @ 4:30 in the morning I heard the Creator say “no more shipping”. It cought me off guard, for weeks I went back and forth about what I heard; eventually I decided to obay. At first my husband was resisting but he came around, my 13yr old daughter said if God said it then okay, my 5yr old son payed no attention and my mom was all for it. I must say it was hard at first but I am glad we did it as a family. We are in the last month and I am so very grateful for this journey we took together my love for the Creator was visible in what I did for others and how I allow others to do for us. For so many years we justify our wants by calling it a need, in all honesty most need was a want disguise. We have more than enough. Whenever their was a need it would me met without spending.

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