Help Me!

Well, it finally happened.  I was surfing the web and ran across someone who quoted my blog.  Unfortunately, he attributed the quote to some other guy who, one month before I started the blog,  had just published a book titled “The Accidental Missionary.”

Time to change the name of the blog.  Below are some random options.  Please weigh in with your vote, or come up with something on your own.

The Ordinary Missionary

The Misadventures of a Wayward Missionary

Stumbling Into The Missionary Position

The Bumbling Missionary

The Everyday Missionary

The Regular Guy Improvement Project

Misadventures of a Do-Gooder

Do-Gooder Done Wrong

The Fumbling Do-Gooder

The Do-Gooder Diaries

What Was He Thinking?

What’s your idea? If we choose your title, I’ll send you a free copy of the book (when finished) and my children for a week.

Love, The Unnamed Missionary




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16 responses to “Help Me!

  1. Sherry Smothermon-Short

    “Stumbling into the Missionary Position”?? Seriously?? Did Gabby approve that before you put it on the list?

  2. LOL — Sherry, I was thinking how much Gabby would have laughed at that… though I can’t imagine it would actually become the new name.

    I vote for The Fumbling Do-Gooder and The Regular Guy Improvement Project, in that order. And, since “Accidental Missionary” is such a popular phrase, I think you should sell that domain name for a bunch of money… to give to an important cause, of course.

  3. Tracy

    One idea would be “He called, we went,and now what?”

  4. Tommer

    Missionary Impossible(?)

  5. Robin H

    I like “The Everyday Missionary” – fits the content and spirit of your pieces, which, by the way, I enjoy tremendously. I also like Tommer’s suggestion.

  6. Mary Beth West

    I like the Misadventures…. or the Do-Gooder Diaries. Or I’ve always liked the line “Jesus Customer Service” so you could do a spin on that (I’d pick up that book in a bookstore!)

    Send Jake and Audrey over! I’ll give you Sam and Emma, and we’ll see who caves in first! 🙂

    • Mary Beth West

      P.S. The reason I didn’t vote for something like “The Everyday Missionary” is because it sounds like the kind of book you’d find on the shelf of a Christian bookstore, where good Christian men and women would buy it just because, well, it’s about God, right? While that’s not bad, I picture you more on the “New Arrivals” table at Borders getting my atheist husband to pick up your book and check it out (thus continuing the missionary work!) Just my $.02. 🙂

  7. My husband and I both vote for “Misadventures of a Do-Gooder” or “The Do-Gooder Diaries”. They aren’t already taken, are they?

    My husband suggested “Diary of a Do-Gooder” but I thought he was joking, as I heard, “Diarrhea Do-Gooder”, though I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a story to make that work as well.

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