Our Father Who Aren’t In Heaven?

OK… like lots of families, we say a prayer together at mealtimes.  Sometimes, we riff spontaneously about whatever needs prayin’ (neighbor is sick, friend needs help, nana is joyful, stuffed animal disemboweled).  Other times, we roll through a litany of Greatest Hits.  Might be “God Our Father” sung to the tune of frère jacques.  Maybe a preschool prayer complete with hand motions straight outta’ Show Choir.

A couple of months ago, Gabby decided it would be fun to say the standard Lord’s Prayer every so often.  The “Old School” version.  I grew up Catholic, so I’m a “trespasses” kinda’ guy.  We thought that maybe our four-year-old Jake would catch on.

Well, he did.  Granted, he pronounced “trespasses” as “trash-passes”, but we’ll let it slide.  Little did we know that two-year-old Audrey was soakin’ it up like a sponge.

So, here’s her solo version.  Just ignore the sacrilegious “Our Father who Aren’t in Heaven”, “Hollow Be Thy Name”, and “Power For Glory” business.  She makes up for it on the AMEN!  Good stuff.  Now, we just need to teach her what it all means, right?


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